Fête des mères

Essentials for Mother's Day

In lack of inspiration to know what to offer for Mother's Day? No worries, Antilope has the answer! Follow this guide to essentials for Mother's Day and you're sure not to go wrong! (Pssst: don't forget that you have -15% on all clothes until May 15th with the code LOVEMAMA ).

The Ifa dress

Indispensable for a wardrobe that wants to be refined! With its puffy sleeves and tight belt at the waist, it is undoubtedly one of the garments that will enhance the female body the most. Chic and shocking, it leaves no one indifferent. Why would this gift be more than ideal? Well because the dresses are made in one size, precisely designed to be flattering on all body types, from the smallest to the largest. So, no hassle!

The Mix-wax Sweater

No more depressing gray sweater that we put on out of spite. With Mix-Wax sweaters, covering up has never been so pleasant! Colourful, original and daring, it juggles perfectly between sobriety and fun, easily adding a pop of color to everyday life. Don't delay, there aren't many left! (PS: we recommend pink, it works every time).

The Mawu blouse

Elegant and sparkling, the Mawu blouse is a spring must-have. Its V-neck and short sleeves form the perfect balance between casual and chic, allowing it to be worn on all kinds of occasions.



A piece that has character and never goes unnoticed is the Kimono. Long or short, it's a versatile piece of clothing that you don't often find and that combines wonderfully with any other piece in your wardrobe. Jeans and a simple top or a swimsuit for hot summer days, make the kimono your own and let your imagination run wild. This casual and timeless piece is a real must !


The Nati skirt

Ankle length and wrap cut, it hugs the body perfectly. The Nati skirt breaks the codes and offers the touch of color that many lack. A piece that can be declined in many different ways: with a simple t-shirt and a few elegant accessories, with an open shirt that you tuck in to mark your waist or that you leave hanging down for a more nonchalant side; no matter how you choose to match it, what matters is to choose it!


Nela blouse

Simple and effective, the Nela blouse is the perfect compromise to work in all circumstances. Its mao collar and slightly puffed sleeves make it a miracle solution to stylistic breakdowns! Combining perfectly with the classics of the dressing room, this blouse is sure to please all stylish mums!


Top Karma

The Karma top and its adjustable cut seduce anyone who looks at it. Its color scheme and fit are undeniably a sure 10/10 for anyone who likes to dress up! It would be cruel to deprive anyone of possessing the top Karma, and even more so if it is their mother!


Oya pants

Classic, chic, but still very waxy and colorful, the Oya pants are definitely a unique piece. The pants are often the garment on which we put the least when it comes to getting ready. But why settle for neutral when you can be flamboyant? The Oya pants can be worn in a wide range of occasions, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, which is perfect for our mothers who like to take it easy.

If with all this, you still don't know what to give your mom... We can only advise you to stop by the store and find out which other piece will have your heart !

And for the most complicated moms, you can always make a good gift. Valid for 1 year, they can allow him to come and choose his favorite fabric so that we can make him the piece of his choice made to measure. Where a classic gift voucher may seem impersonal, at Antilope it is quite the opposite !

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