Who is Antelope?

The label of Belgian-Togolese designer Sanhela Teky plays the 2.0 craftsmanship card.

Designed and produced in Liège, his creations revisit wax in a contemporary, cool and ethical approach. Installed in the new district of creators, in the center of Liège, his workshop-boutique offers a nice summary of his universe, a mix of tradition and modernity.

Like the antelope, her totem animal, Sanhela dresses the beautiful urban warriors. Those who claim their multi-culturalism, their freedom of spirit and a sexy je-ne-sais-quoi that hits the mark. Centered on fabrics from Lomé, Togo, Antilop lab's ready-to-wear collections, accessories and Maison line are complemented by a bespoke tailoring service.


I design packaging of all types and for all kinds of objects. My designs aim to give products a shell that is both expressive and functional, a container that contains while conveying meaning.

Tell me about your design needs and together we'll try to find the magic you need to achieve the perfect packaging.