Wax Quiz

Wax Quiz

bird in flight

Also known as Air Afrique in Togo because of the outfits of the company's air hostesses, Rich today, poor tomorrow in Ghana because money has wings and can quickly fly away and finally Speed Bird. These white birds on a solid blue background have more than several meanings often linked to change, prosperity, freedom and transition.



This one refers to a young manly lover. Unlike the Wax Grottos who designate him a fat and rich old uncle. In Côte d'Ivoire it is also known as Le check et le choc and is reminiscent of a mature and wealthy man who is very fond of beautiful young women.



Baby don't turn your back on me

This Wax takes its name from a sketch of dealers. This would then represent an angry woman lying on her bed. She turns her back on her husband who begs her forgiveness. He will end up saying to her "Honey, don't turn your back on me". It is also called Santana in homage to Madame Santa Anna Nelly, one of the Togolese Nana Benz who had the exclusive sale of this model.



The Staircase

Vlisco counts it among one of its most emblematic designs of the brand. It then represents self-confidence, the fact of developing, gaining experience and gaining wisdom. The Staircase is therefore the path to be traveled as well as the progress made throughout a lifetime. Reason why it is also Stairway to Heaven or The Ladder of Death.




We know him by many names such as Record in Nigeria or Gbédjégan in Togo. It is its name in Ghana Nsu Bura which means water well which will give it the most widespread meaning. The imagery that hides behind this design is therefore the ripples that are created on the surface of the water when you throw a stone in the water and in this case that in a well. The meaning that is withdrawn from this massage is the following: everything we do, whether positive or negative, has repercussions on all those around us.

wedding flowers

Also called Rolls Royce or Mgbolodi this wax is the one you want a peaceful marriage because it designates the happiness that is present within a happy marriage. It is also said that owning or wearing these flowers ensures success and wealth to the owner and his family.


Source: https://www.vlisco.com/fr/fabric_story/speed-bird/


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