Comment entretenir son wax ?

How to maintain your wax?

Wax is a material requiring some care in order to maintain its beauty and quality.

The best washing for the latter is by hand and in lukewarm or cold water. Washing at hot temperatures should be avoided so as not to damage the garment. It is recommended to use normal detergent. If you prefer a machine wash, use a gentle mode and a temperature of 30 degrees and avoid the spin mode.

In case of stains, washing with soapy water and white vinegar will be effective.

It is absolutely necessary to avoid drying the wax in the dryer. Best to lay it out and air dry.

Ironing is possible on cotton mode (180 to 200 degrees).

In order to preserve the waxed aspect of the fabric, it is advisable to wash it inside out.

The wax is made with a wax-based dye that does not bleed, so there is nothing to worry about on this point.

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